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Custom Video Training Advantages

Insert the DVD in the DVD player, lap top, or desk top. Push play. Watch the reactions and attention levels of your audience. Are they paying attention? Are they yawning? Could they be dozing off and slipping off the edge of their chairs? More often than not they may be drifting off to la la land.

Why? What makes the difference between sleep producing and attention getting instructional/training videos? What gives? Everybody’s got a cell phone, I Pad, video camera, Go Pro, or other device that shoots video. Everybody’s got a lap top with an editing program. We’re all great video producers, right? NO. Late breaking news flash. We’re not all great video producers. Neither are we all great F 22 pilots, race car drivers, brain surgeons, silver screen actors, or award winning chefs.

Effective, engaging, and successful training videos require serious planning, imagination, and creativity. What’s the subject matter? Who’s the audience? What’s the desired action/reaction from the audience? How long should the message be? How can this message be told differently?

The use of employee interviews, peer training with advice & personal experience, can be riveting. Highlighting improper human behavior & unsafe work practices but then instructing on ways to overcome these can be encouraging. Shooting every scene on location in the employees’ work environment elevates the attention level. Every now and then a little humor doesn’t hurt.

A bit of advice here. When human lives and safety are at stake, hire a professional video producer who understands OSHA/MSHA Safety Regulations. Who understands human nature. Hire a professional that can effectively translate the script and creatively shoot the video. Hire Thunder Bay Productions and hit it out of the park with your next video production. Plan and train in advance to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities. Tell the EMS guys and the ambulance to go away and never come back on your watch.