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Truck Will Travel

If your business and video shooting assignment locations are in the U.S. or Canada, have truck will travel at Thunder Bay Productions.

Yes, I know how to get to the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and board the big silver bird. But depending on the location of your business, I often drive.
One year, during four busy projects with four different companies, that meant driving 16,000 miles in 16 weeks. The shooting was the easy part. Keeping the nose of that shiny white Dodge truck in the center of that highway lane was the fun part. And what’s more, on the fourth trip and during the return drive to Atlanta, I had to deviate from Interstate 10 northward to Interstate 20 and drive 920 miles that day to avoid a Gulf Coast Hurricane. That truck avoided blinding rain and wind, loss of power and fuel at gas stations, and inland hotels filled with evacuating coastal residents.

Driving to your shooting destination allows me to carry all of the shooting gear and keep a very flexible schedule. If inclement weather, manpower, operational procedures, or scheduling issues arise, no problem. That Dodge truck and I adjust the schedule and shoot video until we’re done with your assignment. Also, I get to add a few more Cracker Barrel restaurants to my eating schedule.

Portland, Oregon, Fort Bragg, California, Los Angeles, Phoenix, El Paso, Texas, New Braunfels, Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, New York City, Watertown, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Davenport, Iowa, Miami, Florida, Two Egg, Florida. You name it and that Dodge truck will find it.

Have truck will travel.