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If you needed open heart surgery, would you call a plumber? Probably not. Well then why would you choose a video production company that knows nothing about your business or products, won’t understand MSHA/OSHA compliance, and one you have to spend months educating about regulatory requirements and the inner workings of your business or products?

If your company is involved in the U.S. surface metal/non metal mining industry as a miner or contractor, cement production plants, ready mixed concrete industry, concrete block & pavers plants, pipe and precast plants, chemicals production industry, commercial construction industry, and others, Thunder Bay Productions is your choice for video safety training and marketing needs.

Gary Mitchell, company President and owner, will meet with you personally to discuss your specific needs. We’ll look at the data and information you supply and then Mitchell can research other materials needed for regulatory and compliance purposes or for marketing purposes. A rough draft of the script with scenes included will be created and e mailed to your team. Upon your staff’s additions-deletions, then we’ll define the on site locations and shooting schedules. Mitchell will then personally shoot all of the video on location, again for training or marketing productions. Mitchell generally is the only person on location shooting unless a two camera shoot is required.

Upon completion of video shooting, then Thunder Bay Productions will edit the video, insert print-graphics, perform narration and music scoring and present the video “Rough Cut” to your management team. Again you’ll make any corrections, additions, and deletions and the final video will be copied on DVD, memory stick, and or compressed for use on your web page or other mobile devices.

We will keep copies of all of the video raw footage and the DVD master in our library. Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, then and only then will Thunder Bay Productions be paid. We’ve been producing quality video for our clients for 20 years. We’ll be here for you in the years to come.