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Thunder Bay Productions - Building a safety culture while improving your bottom line. Client List Services Video Advantages Awards About US

Mission Statement:
Using 20 years of experience in the custom-original video production industry, Thunder Bay Productions will assist you in creating and managing a safety culture. A culture designed to prevent accidents and fatalities while promoting a profitable work environment. In producing on site video training, we’ll create instruction tailored to your needs and requirements. The same skills can be used to market your company’s services and products if required.Custom Video Training

Advantages to You:
Custom video training instantly sends a message to your work force that senior management is absolutely committed to worker safety and health.
Custom, on site, local facility produced video programs gain worker attention. They Produce greater retention of the subject matter. Your videos yield positive results with improved use of safe work practices. Say goodbye to generic training that can put your work force to sleep and say hello to custom training that will get their attention and produce results.

Unlimited Training Methods:
So, you’d like to produce a series of worker peer training interviews on camera that shares their experience and advice to the work force. We can do that. Your goal might be to specifically demonstrate either single or multi task safe work methods. Consider it done. You might wish to modify behavior by showing how workers can overcome either bad habits or unsafe behavior patterns. We’ll do it. You want to be industry, task, and job specific. We’ll make it happen. The methods for training are unlimited.

Areas of Specialization:
In a 20 year period, Thunder Bay Productions has developed extensive experience in the U.S. surface metal/non metal mining industry, (aggregates, sand, clay, & phosphate), cement production plants, ready mixed concrete industry, concrete block & pavers plants, pipe and precast plants, chemicals production industry, commercial construction industry, and many others.
Our driving force is: there is no job so important and no task so urgent that we can’t take the time to perform our work safely.